About Rev. Patricia Black

Patricia’s previous career was in the commercial world where she was self-employed for twenty-eight years. She is also the founder and CEO of Miracle Mind, an organisation which focuses on increasing spiritual awareness, based on the teachings from A Course in Miracles.

Patricia has recently qualified as a certified Ordained Ministerial Counsellor O.M.C. and is now the first minister of Pathways of Light Spiritual Church and College in Ireland. She offers programs and counselling based on Spiritual Awakening, Development of Trust, Relationships and one to one Spiritual counselling.

Her passion for helping others, by sharing the wisdom from A Course in Miracles, has inspired her to facilitate many groups/workshops and retreats. This has provided support and inspiration to individuals, who are willing to access their own Inner Wisdom/Teacher, in all aspects of their lives, allowing them to move from Fear to Love, knowing

There is Another Way.”

Over the last few years Patricia has faced a serious health challenge as well as relationship, financial and career issues. Through all of these changes her commitment to A Course in Miracles has gently guided her to a place where she now sees and experiences life very differently. Today she is dedicated to living in peace and happiness, helping others do the same.

Patricia has already been invited to speak alongside other international teachers, at home and abroad, on A Course in Miracles.


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